The Night Angel Trilogy- Book 1

So for all you ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ fans out there, or as it’s more commonly known ‘Game of Thrones’, I have got the series for you. Brent Weeks combined all the things that you’ve come to love from George R. R. Martin. The rather dark undertones, the subtle magic that shapes the world, the character that turns from okay to the most bad ass assassin ever, and sex. Yes, I know why some of you watch the ‘Game of Thrones.’

The first book is titled the Way of the Shadow and I probably started reading this series when I was a little too young. Our titular character is at first named Azoth and once he becomes an apprentice under the masterful wetboy of Durzo Blint, and don’t mistake the title for assassin, he takes on a new persona as Kylar Stern and works his way towards the title of a Night Angel.

The series has a vast collection of characters that you come to love such as Doll Girl (Elene), Logan Gyre, Momma K, and the ever lovable, ever confusing Vi. She’s not a bad girl, really. Brent Weeks also doesn’t try to throw chaos into his world. Bad is bad, good is good. Good people do bad things, of course, but it’s rather easy to distinguish the major enemies. Hey, if you like fantasy, you like the obviousness and are more interested in the struggle and twists of the story rather than the ultimate conclusion.

Overall, I would say this book deserves a 7 out of 10. It’s good, don’t get me wrong and excellent (along with the other two books) for a summer reading project, but there are instances that you want to just cry BS!!! Also, there’s a lot of history that makes the series make sense, but for the first book it’s just an information dump that leaves you confused. The series overall deserves and 8.5ish.