Kingdom Keepers

Let’s start this blog off with an easy one shall we? The Kingdom Keepers by Ridley Pearson is a must read for any Disney fan out there, yes even those in their teen years that will find the book a bit too kiddish for their tastes.

In the Kingdom Keepers a group of young teens are part of an experimental Disney technology to become hologram tour guides for the parks. Disney is probably working on a way to make this technology a reality (though, if they are smart, they’ll make sure the holograms can answer where the nearest bathroom is). After the program is up and running, they go to sleep and find a very interesting phenomenon. Due to some Imagineer tinkering that is almost too outlandish, even for Disney, the group of young teens find themselves waking up as their holograms while the park is closed. A backstage pass to Disney with no other guests around is a hard deal to pass up, but of course it isn’t that simple. It falls to a group of teens to battle the forces of evil. Remember, this is both fiction and Disney fiction.

It is a great read for all ages. Yes, the more mature readers will find some of the plot hard to swallow and there are a few cringe worthy moments you may notice, but Pearson did his research. He was able to bring the inner workings of Disney to life in a rather unique way. There’s no documentary here. No two hour special on just one of the hidden aspects that make the “Happiest Place on Earth” go round. And I know we have all sat through one of those shows just to see how much effort Disney puts into it.

It’s a neat little getaway for a few hours that make you want to become an imagineer just to make some of these things happen. As a reader over twenty I would have to give the book a 6 out of 10 (and that’s kind of being generous). The premise is neat, but the overused plots can get to be a bit of a drag.

Is there any book out there that you may want me to give a review? Let me know and I may just have to read it. 

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